From Left: Dr. B. Amini, J. Kashani, Prof. Dr. F. Farid

From Left: Dr. Gh. Naderi, W. Schäfer, Prof. Dr. Farid, S. Schäfer

Curriculum Vitae – Farhad FARID

Name Farhad Farid, M.D., PhD
Profession Orthopedic Surgeon – Sports Medicine
Date of Birth 30.10.1945
Place of Birth Arak – Iran
Citizenship Iranian
Office Address DORSA Home Building, second floor unit 6, Shariati Ave. 1489, Tehran – Iran
E-Mail [email protected]
Private Phone 00989121979460
Office Phone 00982122601461


Professional career                                                         

Since 2018 Chairman and Medical Director of DORSA Clinic for Orthopedic Surgery and Sport Rehabilitation Tehran – Iran
2014 – 2017 Chairman and Medical Director of the European Center for Sport Injuries Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement in Orthopedic Private Clinic Cologne and Helios Hospital Siegburg – Germany
Since 2012 Chief of Department for Arthroscopic Surgery in Farmanieh Hospital Tehran – Iran
Since 2000 Chief of Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Head of Giamos Office in Iranshahr Hospital Tehran – Iran
2000 – 2004 Attending Orthopedic Surgeon in Isar Medical Center Munich – Germany
1995 – 2000 Member of the Scientific Committee Privat Ambulatorium für Arthroskopische Chirugie (PAAC) Friedrich Wilhelm University Bonn – Germany
1987 – 1994 Director of PAAC in Düsseldorf – Germany (Private Day Clinic for Arthroscopic Surgery)
1985 – 1987 Chief of Department for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine in Neuwied – Germany
1982 – 1984 Vice Director of Department for Pediatric Orthopedics in Red Cross Hospital in Lippstadt – Germany
Chief of Department: Prof. Janos Zsernaviziky
1983 President of Arbreitskreis Arhtroskopische Chierugie e.V (A.A.C.e.V.)
(German Study Group for Arthroscopic Surgery)



University educational career

1981 – 1983 PhD at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen – Germany by Prof. Ulrich Weber
Title of Thesis: The role of diagnostic Arthroscopy in the knee Pathology Overall grade: Cum Laude
1982 Multiple Fellowships in USA by:

·      Prof. Lenny Johnson – Michigan

·      Prof. Steven Arnozky – N.Y.

·      Prof. Wilson Del Pizzo – UCLA

·      Prof. Richard Ferkel – UCLA

·      Prof. Mark Freeman – UCLA

·      Prof. James Fox – UCLA

·      Prof. Gary Lasse – San Diego

·      Prof. Dinesh Patel – Boston

1981 Diploma Certificate for Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery from Medical Council Westfalen Lippe – Germany
1981 Diploma Certificate for Specialist in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery from Department of Sports Medicine Goethe- University Frankfurt am Main – Germany
1975 – 1981 Residency in Department of Orthopedic Surgery Urban Hospital Free University Berlin (FUB) – Germany
Chief of Department: Prof. Manfred Weigert
1974 – 1975 Practical year FUB
Internal Medicine Rudolf-Virchow-Hospital Berlin – Germany
1967 – 1974 Study of Medicine at the Free University Berlin (FUB) – Germany
Degree: M.D
Overall grade: good
1964 – 1966 Study of German Language in Goethe Institute Berlin – Germany
1951 – 1963 Niki Ala School in Tajrish – Iran Degree: High school graduate Overall grade: good


Publications & scientific activities

Since 1980 more than 40 publications and 60 oral presentations in the field of Arthroscopic & and Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.
Organization of more than 30 national and international meetings and symposia in Europe, Iraq and Iran in Cooperation with Department of Orthopedics University of Bonn – Germany. Ordinarius until 2010: Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Ottmar Schmitt

Selected Publications

  1. D-Glucosamine in the post Op. Treatment after Arthroscopic Abrasion Arthroplasty in case of Varus Osteo-Arthritis (German Journal of Orthopedics, page 157-160, 03/1994)
  2. New Classification of the ACL Ruptures (Journal of Orthopedic Praxis, page 311-316, 1994)
  3. The use of the regional and local Anesthesia in the operative Treatment of the fractures of elderly Patients (German Journal of Orthopedics, page 365 -368, 1986)
  4. The role of Arthroscopic Synovialis Lavage and Synovia Analysis in Diagnosis of intra articular Knee Pathology (Book Article: New Aspects in Arthroscopy, Enke Verlag Stuttgart page189-192,1985)
  5. Our Experience with primary Suturing in Peroneus – Suralis Local Anesthesia in lat. Capsule and Ligament Injury of the Ankle (German Journal of Sports Medicine, page 412- 413, 09/1984)
  6. New clinical sign in the Diagnostic of the hypertrophic Plica Medio-Patellaris (Journal of Orthopedic Praxis, page 480-484, 06/1984)
  7. New Knowledge about the Role of Lipoprotein disbalance and Blood Chemistry Parameter in Etiology of the A.V.N. of the femur Head (Journal of Orthopedic Praxis, page 759-763, 10/1982)
  8. The role of the passive conservative treatment in patients with Low back Pain and Ischiadicus Nerve Irritation (Journal of Orthopedic Praxis, page 141-143, 02/1982)
  9. Long time results after Talo-Fibular Ligament (TFAL) Reconstruction in Peroneus – Suralis Block (Book Article: Fresh Ankle Injuries, page 587-594, 1982)
  10. Planning of the Acetabulum Osteotomy in Children with the use of the Beta – Angle (Journal of Orthopedic Praxis, page 639-642, 08/1981)
  11. The use of Arthroscopy in operative Treatment of the Meniscus Lesion (Journal of Orthopedic Praxis, page 532-534, 06/1980)


Member of scientific organizations

  • IAA (International Arthroscopy Association)
  • AANA (Arthroscopy Association North America)
  • ESKA (European Society of the Knee and Arthroscopy)


Selected international meetings

12.06.2009 The first International Congress of Sport Traumatology and Arthroscopy for Central eastern Europe – Warsaw
Oral Presentation: New Clinical Sign in the Diagnostic of the hypertrophic Plica Medio-Patellaris and Medial Shelf Syndrome Winner of the Price for the best Presentation


Special fields

  • Arthroscopic surgery of the knee and other great joints
  • Arthroplasty of the knee, hip and other great joints
  • Sport injuries tendon repair with allograft
  • Arthroscopic ACL and PCL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the torn meniscus and deep cartilage defect Operative
  • treatment of the AVN on femur head and knee condyles, stem cell therapy and PRP
  • Opening wedge Osteotomy (OWO) high tibia and supra condylar on femur in cases of the genua vara and valga


Farsi native speaker
German fluent (oral and written)
English fluent (oral and written)
Italian Basic
Spanish Basic
Greek Basic
Turkish Basic


Tehran, 29.03.2020

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Farhad Farid