Discogel in Spine Disc Disorders

Discus protrusion L4/L5 and L5/S1

X-Ray a.p. view of the discogel injection L4/L5

X-Ray lat. view of the same procedure

MRI image L5/S1 2 years after discogel injection




Our discogel-logo Team

from left to right: Dr. S. Ghiassi, F. Farid and Dr. M. R. Babaee (Radiologist)

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From right to left: Dr. S. Ghiassi (Sports Medicine), Mr. Khoshkar (C-Arm Imaging Manager),

Dr. M. R. Babaee (Interventional Radiologist) and Farhad Farid

Discogel Injection in Cervical Disc Protrusion

IMG_1365MRI – Image Ax. Discus protrusion C5/C6

IMG_1369L.A. 5ml. 2% Lidocaine under C-Arm monitoring

IMG_1372Preparation of the 2ml Discogel for Injection

IMG_1373Injection of the Discogel in C5/C6 Disc

IMG_1377X-Ray image Lat. view after the injection

we can see the Discogel shadow in C5/C6 Disc