Pediatric Orthopaedics

Basic science conservative and operative treatment of the congenital anomaly and trauma in children’s musculoskeletal system.

The importance of the measuring of the beta-angle for the exact planning of the acetabular and IVDO in cases of DDH (congenital dysplasia of the children hip).

J. Zsernaviczky and F. Farid (Hamburg-Lippstadt)

Published 1980 in German Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery


Beta angle and its coordinating points


High degree beta angle in case of DDH Lt.


Situation after correction with IVDO and acetabulum osteotomy according to Pemberton


Congenital dysplasia of the hip


Acetabulum osteotomy
According to Pemberton

Extreme Genua Valga

Genua Valga 35º Deformity

X-Ray image in a.p and lat. view of the same 11 y. old boy

Situation after supra condylar epiphysiodesis both knees according to Blount technique and bracing

Correction of the Valgus Deformity after Temporary Medial Epiphysiodesis MFC & Tibia According to Blount

Supra condylar humerus dislocated fracture 10 y. Old Girl

Situation after Open Reduction and fixation with 2 crossing Pins (K. W.)