Scientific Activities

Over 40 publications national and international in the field of AS, Sports Medicine and orthopedic surgery.

Organization of 15 international meeting in Europe and Iran in cooperation with department of orthopedics university Bonn (Univ. Prof. Dr. Med. O. Schmitt)

Following innovations in orthopedics and Sports Medicine:

  • New instrumentation for exact measuring of the depth of the CP(published 1986 in German journal of sports medicine)
  • Patella realignment in cases of recurrent patella dislocation using the new large curved needles (published 1987 in German journal of sports medicine)
  • New clinical sign in diagnosis of the hypertrophic plica medio patellaris (published 1985 in German journal of arthroscopy)
  • Deep cartilage defect on MFC and treatment with arthroscopic C.B.R. using the holmium-yag-laser
  • Compartment – bio – resurfacing
  • New classification of the ACL ruptures (published 1994 in German journal of orthopedic surgery)

World innovations:

  • ACT on both patella in one step by football player 1995
  • ACT on both MFC in one step by football player 2003


Ramze Movafaghiat Asli P-R. Confrence in Tehran, Oct. 2014

with Prof. H. Farahani in Cape Town

Brochure of Dep. of Sport Traumatology in Serdem Hospital, Erbil, Iraq

From Left: Dr. Sh. Ghiassi, Prof. Dr. F. Farid,
Dr. Hazhen Saman